Most people do not think to earn a master’s degree abroad when they are considering their options for advanced degrees. This is unfortunate, because directly enroll in an overseas graduate program can be rewarding, profitable and a good way to jumpstart a career established abroad. If you think the foreign graduate school could be for you, here are some things to consider before you start filling out applications.

Where and what do you study?

No matter where you plan to go to graduate school, you need to put real thought into what you want to study. But if you hope to go abroad, you need to put as much thought into where you want to study. Indeed, some subjects are more or less suited to a particular country. Russia is not known for having the best conservation programs and business, for example, if you want to be aware of things like this before filling out applications.

Should you get a masters degree abroad

Sometimes the fact that come before anything. I decided I wanted to get a master’s degree in France before deciding what I wanted to study. Two years after I started thinking about it, I discovered that a graduate of the US program, I am interested in me had a dual degree program that would allow me to study in France for a year and graduated both an American degree and a french diploma in journalism. This is the program that I ended up doing!

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Do not despair if you do not speak a foreign language or can not imagine completing graduate courses in a foreign language. You have options! First, many universities around the world have graduate programs are taught in English. English language programs abroad are likely to have a student body diverse, which will make your experience even more “international” .You could also consider graduate programs in other English speaking countries. Make a program in England or Australia allows you to have an international experience without language problems.

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If you decide to do a master’s degree is taught in a language other than English, you will probably pass a competency test. It is very important to start this process early! Make sure you know which test you have to take, where it is held and how often it is given and what you score will ask the program that interests you and how long it takes to get your score.

If you do not live in a big city, you might have to travel to a test site and the test you need to take but could be held twice a year – meaning that if you miss a test date or fail the first time, you might not have time to redo the test. It can also take several months to get the test results, so you have to take the exam before the registration deadline.

Graduate programs abroad are cheap!

Perhaps the biggest advantage of graduate programs abroad is that they are generally cheap compared to similar programs in the United States. Some universities even have no tuition charges at all! The master’s degree I completed in France cost 1/5 as much as the master’s degree I did in the US – and it was one of the most expensive programs in France. It’s also important to know that you might still be able to get federal loans from the US government, depending on the school you are going to– check this site to see what schools are eligible. Many foreign governments also have generous scholarships for foreign students. Another option are Fulbright grants, which are often awarded to students who want to complete a master’s program abroad.

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How to apply for an overseas graduate program

The application of a foreign graduate program will be different from applying a program in the United States, and you will probably be prepared for a fair amount of paperwork and bureaucracy, both in applying to college and obtain all documents prepared visa. It is different for each country, and to some extent for all universities. This simply means that you need to be very organized on deadlines and requirements – especially because most foreign universities will not hold hands as much as US universities.

Does the master’s degree abroad help your career?

Where you go to graduate school will influence where you have more opportunities after graduation. If you want to pursue a career abroad, get a master’s degree abroad is the best way to build links and get your foot in the door with local companies. On the other hand, if you want to work in the United States, you will get much less with a non-US university as a school in the United States. No matter how prestigious university you attend is (with some exceptions), no one in the US is likely to have heard of him. I went to one of the most famous universities in France – but nobody in the care of the United States. On the other hand, people in France are very impressed when I tell them where I graduated from.

Want to get your Masters degree abroad?

Preparing for a master’s degree abroad involves some of the same considerations as the graduate school in the United States, such as location and the school’s specialty you are considering. application process and bureaucracy, do not know the foreign language and education systems just get higher education abroad more intimidating for many people.

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Go to the overseas graduate school should be on the table as an option for all who are internationally minded level. This does not mean that it is right for everyone, just as more Americans should consider the advantages and disadvantages of a foreign diploma graduate thinking of continuing their education.

Take it to the comments– where are you thinking of getting your master’s degree?

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