The Top 5 Best Hotels in Milan

Milan elates the finest feats of indigenous culture to majestic new heights, The top 5 best hotels in milan, creating a world of glowing color and reminiscence. With a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience that guarantees your absolute comfort, hotels in Milan offers real luxury in their surroundings and services. Here are the 5 best hotels in Milan, in no particular order. Enjoy a luxurious stay at one of these hotels and be entertained with pure indulgence.

1. Park Hyatt Milan

The Top 5 Best Hotels in Milan
The Top 5 Best Hotels in Milan
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Park Hyatt is a beacon of style, it has a renowned bequest, as a place for exceptional hospitality and dining. The hotel is set in the center of the city and its in close proximity to major attractions in Milan. The 5-star hotel features a unique sense of style, luxurious comfort, unparalleled hospitality and several dining options, providing you with all the decadence you can imagine at once.

2. Excelsior Hotel Gallia

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Since opening in 1932, Excelsior Hotel Gallia offers the impressive allure of a bygone age with all the modern luxuries of today. The stylish hotel is perfectly located few minutes away from the city’s central business district. It features contemporary rooms and suites, with rich Milanese furnishings, fine dining and impeccable service.

3. Armani Hotel Milano

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Armani Hotel Milano welcomes you to the allure and charm of Milan with its chic and sophisticated designs. This hotel embodies the quintessence of true Italian style and the emblems of the Armani brand. Featuring 95 guest rooms and suites, this hotel creates a contemporary ambience, harmonizing eclectic Italian sophistication and radiant modern style.

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4. Mandarin Oriental, Milan

Mandarin Oriental, Milan
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There is an immaculate elegance about Mandarin Oriental; an exclusive charm that appeals to any discerning traveler seeking luxurious hospitality in Milan. Mandarin Oriental blends tastefully elegant Italian architecture with absolutely luxurious accommodation. This five-star hotel is a haven of tranquility in the heart of Milan with extensive choice of gourmet restaurants.

5. Grand Hotel et de Milan

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A magnificent residence dating back to 1863, Grand Hotel et de Milan is a relaxing and stylish city hideaway that reflects Milanese rich cultural heritage and contemporary design. Perfectly located in Milan’s fuzzy shopping district, this grand hotel offers luxury rooms, advanced fitness center and outstanding service.

The selection of the 5 best hotels in Milan is based on TripAdvisor criteria, reviews and ratings.

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