The World’s Top 50 universities

World’s Top 50 universities – Every year, thousands of universities around the world to produce graduates, conduct research and publish scientific papers. How to find out who is the current leader in higher education? How to choose between them?

A number of global rankings published every year. Some focus on academic achievement, reputation in science and the number of graduates awarded the Nobel Prize or other notable awards. No doubt, these indicators are very important, but for prospective students, it could be only a direct confirmation of the quality of the learning process.

Here, we represent the current World University Rankings by the Times Higher Education, which uses more than a dozen indicators to evaluate the real activity for the institution a more comprehensive comparison. The most important group of indicators we consider:

The World’s Top 50 universities

Teaching – based on the evaluation of teaching reputation, also includes statistics such as

A distinctive feature of the global leader in education is the active promotion of distance learning. Most of them offer a wide variety of online courses in many disciplines (for free or for a fee). This is a great opportunity to raise the level of your knowledge in the leading institutions and get access to programs from the best professors and coaches, being thousands of kilometers away.

World rankings of the 50 best universities 2019

RankUniversityOverall scoreCountryTeaching
Rank (score)
Rank (score)
Online Courses
1University of Oxford96.0UK05 (91.8)01 (99.5)Free
2University of Cambridge94.8UK03 (92.1)02 (98.8)Free
3Stanford University94.7USA02 (93.6)05 (96.8)Free
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology94.2USA04 (91.9)09 (92.7)Free
5California Institute of Technology94.1USA01 (94.5)04 (97.2)Free
6Harvard University93.6USA08 (90.1)03 (98.4)Free
7Princeton University92.3USA09 (89.9)07 (93.6)Free
8Yale University91.3USA06 (91.6)08 (93.5)Free
9Imperial College London90.3UK13 (85.8)18 (87.7)Free
10University of Chicago90.2USA07 (90.2)13 (90.1)Free
11ETH Zurich89.3Switzerland17 (83.3)11 (91.4)Free
12University of Pennsylvania89.0USA12 (87.4)15 (89.2)Free
13Johns Hopkins University89.0USA19 (81.9)12 (90.5)Free
14University College London87.8UK22 (79.1)13 (90.1)Free
15University of California, Berkeley87.7USA23 (78.7)10 (92.3)Free
16Columbia University87.2USA14 (85.4)24 (83.1)Free
17University of California, Los Angeles86.4USA18 (82.6)17 (87.9)Free
18Duke University85.4USA15 (84.1)30 (78.8)Free
19Cornell University85.1USA21 (79.7)22 (85.4)Free
20University of Michigan84.1USA20 (80.0)21 (85.9)Free
21University of Toronto84.0Canada28 (75.8)20 (86.3)Free
22Tsinghua University82.8China11 (87.7)06 (94.1)Free
23National University of Singapore82.4Singapore26 (77.3)15 (88.8)Free
24Carnegie Mellon University82.0USA38 (69.0)26 (81.2)Free
25Northwestern University81.7USA38 (69.0)23 (83.6)Free
26London School of Economics and Political Science81.3UK32 (71.0)24 (83.1)None
27New York University81.0USA24 (77.7)33 (76.1)Free
28University of Washington80.4USA33 (70.7)28 (79.7)Free
29University of Edinburgh79.8UK37 (69.2)37 (73.7)Free
30University of California, San Diego79.7USA45 (65.4)29 (79.2)Free
31Peking University79.2China10 (88.8)27 (80.4)Free
32LMU Munich78.3Germany35 (69.9)33 (76.1)Free
33University of Melbourne78.3Australia42 (68.0)39 (73.4)Free
34Georgia Institute of Technology77.5USA53 (62.5)33 (76.1)Free
35EPFL76.9Switzerland44 (66.5)54 (66.5)Free
36University of Hong Kong76.3Hong Kong31 (72.6)31 (78.4)Free
37University of British Columbia76.0Canada60 (60.8)40 (72.6)Free
38King’s College London75.8UK59 (61.1)48 (68.7)Free
39University of Texas at Austin75.4USA40 (68.8)36 (74.2)Free
40Karolinska Institute74.9Sweden78 (56.1)41 (72.1)Free
41Paris Sciences et Lettres74.4France30 (74.3)52 (67.8)Free
42University of Tokyo74.1Japan16 (84.0)19 (87.2)Free
43University of Wisconsin–Madison73.9USA34 (70.3)44 (71.0)Free
44McGill University73.7Canada46 (64.1)47 (69.4)Free
45Technical University of Munich73.7Germany52 (62.9)49 (68.6)Free
46HKUST73.5Hong Kong71 (56.8)53 (67.6)Free
47Heidelberg University73.2Germany37 (68.1)72 (59.0)Free
48KU Leuven72.6Belgium70 (56.9)46 (70.4)Free
49Australian National University72.4Australia82 (55.5)45 (70.6)Free
50University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign72.3USA49 (63.2)38 (73.5)Free

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