In the warm heart of this continent, you will come face to face with the wild will leave you with adrenaline-thrill. Rewards come to Zambia including storytelling around the fire in the camps unfenced; and of course, the daily sunset guaranteed.

If you’re wondering why we want you to visit Zambia, here are ten reasons that will entice you to play this spectacular activity.

A Trip to the Valley of the Leopard

top 10 reasons to visit zambia
top 10 reasons to visit zambia

You have the opportunity of seeing a full pantheon of wildlife in their nature area from your an “un-fenced” camp. Zambia welcomes you to dine with Mother Nature and see regular visitors like hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos and elephants.  A visit to the South Luangwa National Park leaves you breathless with leopard sightings.

See the Magnificent Victoria Falls

Reasons to visit Zambia

Obviously, you cannot ignore one of the Natural Wonders of the World when you visit Zambia. Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall you can see on earth that creates a watery boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Raft through the Zambezi River

Reasons to visit Zambia

Have a feel of the mighty Zambezi when you raft through it. There is no better place to have such an experience than here. The rafting allows you negotiate with 25 rapids and explore the Grade 5 rapids, which the highest for commercial rafting.

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Witness the Epic Migration of Bats

Reasons to visit Zambia | Kasanka National Park Bats migration

Dare yourself and visit the Kasanka National Park, where over 10 million fruit bats migrate. The sight of these creatures is not for the faint-hearted. For those with an interest in birds and wildlife, it is the best place to visit and experience birdwatching and see stunning species.

Visit the Ecologically Safari Destination

Reasons to visit Zambia

If you are searching for unspoiled ecologically safari in Africa, Zambia has some amazing parks like the North Luangwa National Park, South Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park, and Liuwa Plain National Park. The country has a high population of wildlife including the big five.  Liuwe is the home to thousands of blue migrating wildebeests.

Learn About the Dark Arts

Zambia is one place in Africa where witchcraft is practice in the open.  A visit to the Livingston Museum and the Lusaka National Museum (LNM) will showcase exhibitions of these dark arts dedicated to the practice. You will learn more about the fiendish potions, the snakeskin belt, and the cursed dolls.  There are a lot of weird stuffs that will fascinate you and challenge your faith.

Experience the adventure of Devil’s Pool

Come to the Livingstone Island and take a cold dip on the edge of Victoria Falls.  The bathing experience is thrilling with a stunning view of the surroundings.  If you think, you can swim, come over here, and try your skills.

See Colonial Heritage of the People

The Shiwa Ng’andu manor house is a spectacular and picturesque destination with colonial nostalgia. The house was once the home of Stewart Gore-Browne, a British colonial officer who came to the country in 1911. Gore-Browne finally settled in this part of the world where he built this manor house.

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Meet The Quadripoint

Reasons to visit Zambia

The only place you can ever find a quadripoint in the world is Zambia.  The quadripoint is where four countries Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia meet at a single frontier, at the confluence of the Cuando and Zambezi rivers.

Relax at the Lake Kariba’s Houseboat

Reasons to visit Zambia

Lake Kariba is the largest artificial lake in the world. It has become a popular getaway for people who want to relax at its houseboat.  The unbelievably tranquil lake is an ideal place to unwind and fish for Bream and Tiger Fish.  The nights at the lake are lit with thousands of lights from fishing boats.

Experience Extraordinary Festivals

The country has a lot of extraordinary festivals to witness. Watch revellers dance and celebrate with music during the colourful Kuomboka fiesta. The calendar is peppered with lots of festivals that will make you discover the history of the people in arts and culture.

Have you visited Zambia before? Kindly share your experience with us in the comment below. If you’re planning to visit Zambia, ensure you explore these places and enjoy your holiday.