Top 5 Things to Do in New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country and Auckland is an incredibly amazing city. However, once you allow the town lifetime of the North Island and head south, you’ll soon end up questioning why you spent such a lot time within the city. New Zealand’s South Island is definitely rated the more beautiful of the 2 islands.

The landscapes range from snowy glaciers to crystal clear crater lakes. you’ll find views of hand gliders gliding over Queenstown and witness mighty whales as they steel oneself against their deep dive. I traveled the South Island for a month and a half and had an absolutely amazing time, words cannot even describe. Below may be a list of all of my favorite activities and places to ascertain within the South Island of latest Zealand!

  1. Nelson Lakes
    Nelson Lakes park was formed in 1956 and it covers 1,020 square Kilometers. It features Lake Rotoiti; a lake with water so crystal clear and fresh that you simply could drop something into the lake and see it for up to 18ft below the surface before you lost sight of it (so scientists discovered during an experiment within the center of the lake). At the lake, you’ll take some iconic photographs of yourself jumping in, feed the ducks or maybe take a swim with the eels.
new zealand's south island

New zealand’s South Island

I visited this lake and took this picture within the middle of winter. it had been 9 AM and there was frost coating the bottom . I jumped in with my bikini, with a water temperature of 5 degrees! it had been deeper than it looked because the water was so clear but it had been a very refreshing thanks to start the morning!

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2. Franz Josef Glacier
Franz Josef is an adorable little town with a population of about 100! within the town of Franz Josef, sits the Franz Josef Glacier. you’ll either hike up the glacier or take a helicopter tour to look at it from above.

I hiked the glacier and it had been a blast! A minimum of 6 layers is required also as crampons to stay your grip on your shoes. The views are stunning while you’re surrounded by snow and ice which contrasts the greenery on the mountains, (perfect for Instagram pictures!) It’s such a bizarre feeling standing on numerous layers of ice and watching the guide’s pickax their way through tiny gaps.

You’ll also see how the glacier is slowly melting and retreating. It’s a continuing reminder that we’d like to guard the earth to preserve glaciers. It’s also a bold reminder that you’re actually just standing on layers of frozen water! this is often definitely a must-visit within the South Island .

New Zealand's South Island
New Zealand’s South Island

3. Kaikoura Dolphin Swim and Whale watching
Kaikoura could also be under construction for a short time after being damaged by the recent earthquake in New Zealand however it’s an excellent place to watch seals and whales. During the earthquake, the animals left the shores because the earthquake damaged their “seal nursery”.

Thankfully, the animals have now returned but they’re still adapting to the new changes. While here, you’ll snorkel with friendly and playful dolphins. They aren’t afraid to swim right up to your face either! Reach out and touch them if you wish .

top 5 things to do in new zealands south island
New Zealand’s South Island

Once you’ve played with the dolphins, take a ship trip to ascertain a number of the local whales. The guides recall the name of every whale based purely on their tail, how cool is that?! You’ll learn some fun facts, and obtain more great pictures. Here you’ll also witness the large splash because the whale’s flip their tails for his or her grand deep dive!.

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Similarly to Kaikoura, Christchurch remains recovering from an earthquake that damaged the town . Although the town remains rebuilding itself, there’s still tons to be learned. There’s groovy graffiti round the city that spreads positivity and promotes the rebuild. There’s also a singular mall called Re: Start, made up of shipping containers and where the emergency services were based during the crisis of the earthquake.

Christchurch definitely gets my vote for being the foremost creative and open minded city in New Zealand. Take a tour round the “Red Zone” and see the results of the earthquake on some buildings that haven’t been restored just like the Cathedral.

Beware, this will be truly heartbreaking to ascertain the damage. Leave a message and lightweight a candle at the “white chairs” memorial for all those that lost their lives. Although this city has lost such a lot , it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s bound to open your eyes and therefore the positivity is certain to stay with you.

New Zealand's South Island

New Zealand’s South Island

Last but not least, Queenstown. The adrenaline capital of latest Zealand! I’m sure you’ve heard about Queenstown 1,000,000 times but it’s really well worth the visit. you’ll taste the simplest burger within the world, the “fergburger”, although consistent with locals the simplest is that the “devil burger”. you’ll complete a bungy with an excellent view of the town during the day or night.

If that’s not enough you’ll complete the third highest bungy within the world, the Nevis Bungy, standing at 134ft! you’ll go lunging or maybe fancy the slopes to snowboard or ski! Don’t worry though, if you’re trying to find something a touch less adrenaline-pumping inspect 5 Things to try to to in Queensland for the Less Adventurous.

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New Zealand's South Island

These were a few of the top things to do in New Zealand’s South Island. We hope you enjoy them! If you’re planning on venturing to the “other side” read up on the Top Things to Do in New Zealand’s North Island. Happy travels!

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